Random Musings of a Silly Sycophant

I love Jesus with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind.
I'm a tireless romantic, but I'm never hopeless.
I sing with my eyes closed.

new favorite candy: Skittles Darkside aka #hispterSkittles flavors: dark berry, midnight lime, pomegranate, blood orange, forbidden fruit
momma la got bling, yo
How am I celebrating #RexManningDay, you ask? By wearing my new favorite shirt and watching my favorite 90s movie with one of the best soundtracks recorded #HappyRexManningDay #EmpireRecords
one cookie short of 5 dozen snickerdoodles…the 2nd best cookie
Warm puppy, sleepy puppy, little ball of fur; #happypuppy #sleepypuppy grr grr grr 🐶❤️🐶
#sorrynotsorry but they are just too cute #puppylove #puppyplaytime
like brother, like sister #puppylove
Bullet’s birthday present is a new little sister!!! Can you say #puppylove 🐶❤️🐶
Bullet is really sad his new best friends @michael_ejm and @brianmhester just left
chocolate festival…enough said
Happiest birthday to my dearest friend. I miss your head and wonderful hair but mostly I just miss spending days doing this. Love you dear and I hope your day has been wonderful. @michael_ejm
#tbt to the time when I had the best dgroup a girl could ask for #SeasonedSisterhood #SOTTO
great hair day & new sunglasses…must mean a mandatory selfie #yourewelcomeworld
playing around with strawberries and cream cheese
#repost of my favorite husband #instapicsformydesk